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DHOL SPICE MIX makes cooking simple, enjoyable and memorable! Indulge in the remarkable flavors our meticulously crafted spices bring to your dishes. DHOL SPICE MIX makes cooking North Indian cuisine at home a breeze, so you can enjoy the vibrant and unforgettable tastes of India without leaving your kitchen!

It's Simple!

DHOL Spice Mix takes out the guess work so you can create delicious North Indian-style cuisines at home. Our recipes include instructions to prepare your meal either vegetarian or with meat.

Use Dhol spice mix to make the most incredible meals easily.  Our Shahi Paneer spice mix is a blend of authentic, handcrafted Indian spices to make create a savory dish.  You can use our spice blends to marinate paneer cubes.  Just mix the dhol spices in yogurt and coat the paneer.  Bake for 10min at 400*

It's Delicious!

DHOL Spice Mix puts time and care into creating the perfect spice blend for a mouth-watering and flavorful experience!

Take it anywhere!

Take DHOL Spice Mix packs on the go! Lightweight and easy to throw into a suitcase and travel with you.

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